Back To School Giveaway – August 4, 2017 from 8:30 am to 1 pm

You won’t want to miss the Back To School Giveaway this year.  We have lots of new school supplies, organizational materials, craft supplies and children’s books.  You will find just what you need to start your year off right.  We anticipate 20+ Outdoor Expo Vendors to view while you wait.  We will also have several pallets of clothing staged outside donated by Venus Swimwear and Apparel that you may make selections from before entering.

You must show your DCPS school ID or Charter School ID to enter.  If you are a new hire and have not received your ID yet, please have your principal write a brief note on school letterhead showing you are a new hire and bring a picture ID such as a Driver’s License.  Please do not bring children, friends, rolling carts or bags larger than you can carry at all times.

Items must be used to benefit your students, classroom or school.